Brewing with a dirty pirate

Merry Christmas….and Happy Happy Happy New Year

Howdy Folks,
Belated Merry Christmas. I know I haven’t updated this recently due to being extreamly busy, but alot of ground work has been accomplished. After three weeks, my brewing partner is finally over his illness and we have sat down and building in motion. Also, as a christmas  gift I recieved adobe photoshop touch for my tablet (the one i do all my work on since I don’t have a laptop) and mock up designs of Dirty Pirate have been in the works. Also more recipes have been typed and eagerly awaiting to be tested. Monday is meeting number two and hopefully I can post more on what else has been accomplished.

Untill later
PIrate Out


I’ll bend a marlinpik around your loaf

Seasons greetings from pirate,
Sorry it has been a couple weeks since i’ve been on here, but my goal is to try to be on here more. After my layoff, I took a couple of days to really focus on everything and put plans into motion. Its kind of a shitty feeling when one thing you love to do and you feel you can’t perform but you have to pick up the pieces and move on. As for what i’ve been up to, well I moved to my passion. Unfortunatly right now it doesn’t pay the bills, so i have two jobs to support the homestead. Even though these few weeks have been super crazy…I still have set time away to collect my reasearch and move forward with everything. I feel like I keep saying this, but my brew partner has been sick so we have not been able to brew. 

Well I guess thats it for updates now. I’m going to finish up with these three recipes and head into work. I’ll do better with updates soon i promiss.

Until later,
PIrate out 

When life throws you lemons…..BREW

Well the saying “shit happens and life goes on” is the understament in my life right now. As I was getting ready for work the day after thanksgiving I was layed off. Well on the plus side of this I have been focusing alot on my future brews and side projects. I look at this as a blessing in disguise. I have never been so focused on what I want in life. Big plans for wensday…i might keep yall in loop if not top secret.

Until Later
PIrate Out

Water, the essence of life……and beer

Good day all,
FInally with a few days off from my day job, I truly get to focus on my real burning passion. This ideal time off, has given me time to reflect and think about  alot of things. First, its been great to sit down at my desk, with a brew and my tablet (not to worry i have a sick docking setup and keyboard to make life easy) and research what almost every American loves; beer.
  This brings me to todays rambling topic…..the main essitial ingredient water. I live on a golf course in a beautiful area of north Tx, and for some reason or another the water at my house smells like pure shit. Ok, saying it smells like shit is a little overboard, but it smells like rotten eggs and fish. This is not a good set up for brewing delicious beer…so today I am going to Lowes and home depot to build a water filtration system for my three tier set up. I hope all goes well and maybe i’ll post pictures if it all comes together. I have a productive day ahead so until later folks.

PIrate Out

“If you can dream it you can acheive it”

Hot diggity dog Yall

PIrate here checking in,
I’d like to first start this post by saying, if your life is crazy and chaotic and you happen to have a special someone in your life…don’t lose them. This being said, I feel like everything is slowly starting to come together. My new chef gig is going great (even if I have an hour and half comute to and fro) ….and though money is tight all is looking up. I finally purchased, and gathered begining materials and first tier  is almost built. I feel like i’ve been talking about it forever, but my feelings is if you are going to do something wait and do it right, otherwise you’ll be disapointed in the outcome.
In other development, I have been doing hours and hours of research on grains, hops and yeast strains and started to compile a healthy heaping of recipes I am going to try. It truly has amazed me how much the craft beer world has changed and continues to change and evolve each day. People are being daring and trying new things, so i’m going to take advantage of this time. Using my culinary flavor combinations, I want to be known as the man who pushes boundries and incorporate unique and interesting flavors into my beer.
Well off to the day/night job and i’ll keep posted since i have three days off for thanksgiving.

Until later
PIrate Out

Ambers, Smoked Ambers and base bulld

Howdy yall Pirate checking at ya.
  Due to my crazy busy life I haven’t been able to post much. As i sit back enjoying a beautiful Alaskan Amber, I figured i’d take the time to post my ponders, and update on whats been going on. Well, first I doubt many people are reading this right now, but I feel that it’s well worth to document everything from the beginnng to always look back and see how many times things changed/evolved for the better. That being said, after numerous skitches, measurments, and internal strugle on how I want to build this tier set up, the final design is accomplished. Materials are being collected and on next days off build will be undergoing. I know i’ve been mentioning it now for almost two months, but build will finally commence shortly and I feel like a little kid on christmas morning thinking about it. I know this is only going to be first of many builds, but with baby steps, passion, drive, and a dream I know that I will obtain my ultimate goal. The beauty about brewing (and cooking) is there is no right or wrong and you can try anything just as long as you can handle failure and consetructive (some time un-constructive) critism. You have to be thick skin, not get attached to one idea, and man up if it taste like shit.

With all that being said, besides finally finishing plans and gathering neccesary materials, I have been doing large amounts of research. It sometimes drives Courtney nuts, but what I always tell her is ” walt had a dream….it started with a mouse…..mine starts with nautical stars, pirate ships and our dog”.  Smoked beers, dark beers, fruit beers….I started with 10 base recipes (all of which will and must be tested) and as I write this post two more in the works. I intend on using not only my beer knowledge, but my culinary background to create unique awesome beers that (hopefully) will be distrubuted throughout the land.

Well folks,
It’s sunday night…(almost time for Dexter) and my goal is two finish these two plus two more recipes before my tv show starts. Remember, keep on brewing no matter what.

Until Later,
PIrate out…..Cheers!!!

Happy Halloween

Howdy folks,
I know I haven’t posted in a while due to alot going on. After the wife’s and I honeymoon, I recently started a new job. Funds have not started rolling in yet so the build is on a minor set back ( o well gotta do what ya gotta do)  but in the mean time research has still been going on and this will only be a tempery set back. I will keep everyone updated on when the build starts. I hope everyone enjoys there halloween and remember to give beer not candy 🙂

Untill later
PIrate Out !!!

Back In Action

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. On Oct 13, 2012, I recently married my best friend Courtney. We have been in San Antionio Tx on our honeymoon. A lot of beers were tried, and breweries attendend to, and it just kept my mind busy and focusing on what i want to do. Needless to say i am back in business and final measurments, drawings, plans are all system go. Again folks sorry for neglating it and keep folowing there will be alot more to come.

Untill later folks
Pirate out

Ponders, Designs, and thoughts

Howdy yall,
As I sit at my desk drinking a (cue product placement) Magic Hat Hex seasonal, I realize its been a couple days since my last ramble. A little update whats going on, the big wedding day is less than two weeks away (Oct 13) so things being a little crazy are an understatment. I have finaly cleaned out an area in my garage to build my system that i want. I have been doing lots of research and reading of forums and figured out the three tier is best for me. After all this is all personal prefrence due to how much space/money/expierence or how much beer you want to brew.
After going to the bar with my friends, i found out that they use to brew beer and have equipment lying around that i can use. We also discused the drawing of my brewery and what materials  to use for my “little” project. I ruled out partical board, due to the fact it observes liquid (obvious rule out if your talking beer). Also i’m thinking bout using flashing to rule out any fire or burning or disturbances. Bellow/at bottom of page is very base idea.

Untill Later,
PIrate Out


Which Came first…Brew kettle or Tier system??

After a crazy dream last night, i awoke and grabed my tablet and proceded research for my brewery. Of course we can all go to midwest (don’t get me wrong i still go there and love it!!!) to pick out brewing kits, but after a few years of brewing I want to build it myself. I found alot of awesome brew kettles on line but lack of funds make it non practical..hence the begining of the diy project.
  Well back to the dream. In my dream i built an incredible three tier gravity fed all grain stand. I am in the process of drawing my creation down on paper and finalize measurments. I belive this is the most resonable way to go. I am going to build the stand and by or build my necessary containers to my stand. I know this might sound crazy to some (including my wife who tends to just roll her eyes when i bring this up) but think about…as long as my support can hold enough weight i can easily have a 10 or plus gallon set up.
I do have a few ponders/research needed to complete this project.
  1) finding the best way to line up the tiers….meaning due i want them going off center for easy gravity flow?
  2) The best materials to use….has any one used partical board? Will it hold up to 200lbs (if neccesary)
  3) On the last tier i’m thinking like have it desk height. What are peoples thoughts? I don’t want it to neccesarily hit the floor due to living in Tx i want the ability to control my temp.

Well thats it for now. On to my first task Cleaning the space in the garage.
Untill Later
PIrate out